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DRM Lighthouse is a web based application designed to optimize and manage crew members, assets and projects in one platform.

Keeping track of assets can be a challenge to all organizations. Assets can change location, get replaced or scheduled for maintenance. Management wants detailed reports about their usage, allocation and service history. Lighthouse gives all the required functionalities to keep control and simplify the process of organizing complex structures of assets.

Project management has emerged as a crucial factor that determines the success of an organization. Lighthouse gives the possibility to define project information, including project work plan and timeline. Through the project planning is possible to check in real time the impact of adding or changing resources, like assets and crew members, to a project. Furthermore, it is also possible to quickly see which resources are available to be assign to a project according to their current scheduled workload.

Business relations

Improve and centralize the management of your list of business contacts in one place. Lighthouse gives you all the required functionalities to make it easy and fast.

With Lighthouse you can easily manage a customer's general information, financial details, multiple addresses and related contacts.

Manage your crew

Lighthouse allows you to maintain crew member information including basic personal information, emergency contacts, business and private addresses, certificates and their expiry dates. Important at this stage, Lighthouse will keep you informed about the expiration of certificates.

Define asset templates

Create your own assets templates with their list of attributes. Asset templates allow you to create multiple assets with the same attributes in a very efficient way.

Build your assets

With Lighthouse you can easily create your own assets structure based on a template, fill attribute value, manage asset relation between parent and children, manage asset properties, add certificates, define maintenance checks, generate custom tasks or manage tasks automatically generated from a check.

Project management

Lighthouse gives you great integrated tools to manage resources, assets, crew members and jobs during the life-cycle of a project. The clean planning overview makes planning and managing projects easier than ever before.


The planning shows the real-time impact of changes to the crew and assets on a project. Quickly see which resources are available to be assigned to a project according to their current scheduled workload.